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"I want this place fumigated!"

The word “fumigate” is commonly misused when a cockroach or ant problem becomes so severe that consumers turn to professionals for the "big guns". Modern pest control technology has methods for effective control with baits and other products for most common pest infestations. However, certain scenarios are better cured 100% by fumigation methods. Here's the what, when, why and how...

What is fumigation?

Fumigation: a treatment type in which a gas is introduced into an area and remains there for a period of time to kill off the targeted insect.

The gas gets absorbed into everything so insects CANNOT hide from it. After the gas has been held for the prescribed amount of time, it is allowed to evaporate or what we call “off gas”. After the off gassing is completed, there is no residual chemical left behind! This is an important point because while the gases used in fumigating are extremely hazardous during the treatment, after the treatment there is nothing left to make you sick.

Did you know?...Some of the fresh produce/vegetables/grains you eat has been fumigated prior to hitting your plate.

fumigation for bugs in vegetables

Pest Control Operators work around the clock every day, fumigating the food you eat to ensure that it is free of insects. A normal length of time to fumigate items is up to 24 hours. This allows for the effective “gas hold time” and the safety-assuring "off gas" time.

When is a Fumigation Service Necessary?

There's a time and a place for fumigation services. The following are just a few common examples:

  • Antique furniture infested with powder post beetles or other wood-destroying insects
  • Oriental Rugs infested with carpet beetles
  • Paintings, fabrics, etc. that are infested with any insect not wanted in your home
  • Any household item infested with BED BUGS

Did you know?...The smell of your grandma’s house was probably a fumigant. (Well at least at my grandma’s house!)

Moth Balls are a solid form of a fumigant!

moth balls

Protecting the Foods We Eat and Products We Buy

More and more products are being shipped into our country from overseas. There is an increase in the need to prevent insects from other countries from invading the foods we eat and products we buy every single day. Thankfully the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agency is well-suited for the job of preventing these unwanted invaders. They inspect all items entering the U.S. from other countries and if they find an insect that they feel is a threat to our country and consumers, they quarantine that product and have it fumigated.

Did you know?...The store-bought flowers you put your nose up to and sniff may have been fumigated! That’s right! You may have been sniffing a fumigated product and didn’t even know it!

fumigation for flowers chicago

Effectiveness and Safety

Fumigation is a safe and effective way to eliminate all forms of insects. It kills any eggs, insect nymphs (babies) and the adults all at the same time without leaving any nasty chemicals behind.

The Scrubber

Our fumigation facility has been designed to be as safe and environmentally responsible as possible. A F.A.S.T. (Foam Activated Scrubbing Technology) system accompanies this facility to capture and destroy fumigant molecules after fumigation has taken place. The gases are exhausted into a tank that contains a non-toxic material that breaks down the molecules completely so that nothing harmful is released into the atmosphere.

F.A.S.T. scrubber system

Fumigating is the ONLY 100% GUARANTEE that ALL infesting insects are dead.

Where Fumigation Services Take Place

Rose Pest Solutions has a convenient drop off location for your fumigation service needs at O’Hare Airport (building 510 on the corner of Spine Road and Old Cargo Road just off of Mannheim Road). Prior to dropping off items for fumigation, a call to schedule the service or quote request is necessary.

rose pest technician

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